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Call failed - reason required

In the attached log file, a call comes in, which shows up reports as "Aborted". I would like to know what was the reason this call failed.


Call flow:

PSTN --- PRI -- Voice Gateway (2900 series) -- SIP -- CUCM9 ---- UCCX9

On UCCX, it should go to a script which determines that it's within business hours, and redirects the call to the hunt pilot with phone number +33173150110


Called nr: +33173150194

Calling nr: +33628329975

Timestamp: Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2014 07:03:33 GMT


It starts on line 4136.

I can see that the call gets reINVITED a couple of times, and it seems to me that after the last INVITE, there's no media path, so I understand why the voice gateway would send a BYE. However, I don't understand why there's no media path.





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Try using TranslatorXhttp:/

Try using TranslatorX

This is what I see last bye message from your log file.

BYE sip:+33173150194@ SIP/2.0

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;x-route-tag="tgrp:BRI_ALL_INT";branch=z9hG4bK62A92202D
From: <sip:+33628329975@>;tag=95F1B0EC-263D
To: <sip:+33173150194@>;tag=96425~b068c976-41f2-4ce7-99ec-14d731ce5bd3-37849956
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2014 07:03:38 GMT
Call-ID: 29E9908B-F45B11E3-8C5D9F92-467465BD@
User-Agent: Cisco-SIPGateway/IOS-15.2.4.M5
Max-Forwards: 70
Timestamp: 1402902232
CSeq: 102 BYE
Reason: Q.850;cause=16



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Hi Tom,From the logs I  can

Hi Tom,

From the logs I  can see that the call goes to UCCX using the CTI port and gets transferred back to a Hunt List, with DN 33173150110 for the pilot.

The Hunt List gets exhausted.

08729403.006 |09:03:37.554 |AppInfo  |UNKNOWN_ALARM:HuntListExhausted -  HuntListName:Card Team France App ID:Cisco CallManager Cluster ID:StandAloneCluster Node ID:UC-CUCM-CERGY

08729403.009 |09:03:37.555 |AppInfo  |HuntListCdrc::terminateCall - Sending CcRejInd, with cause code (17), to Cc because it has not sent CcRegisterPartyB to Cc.


The call then connects to another entity anyway, after exhaustion of the hunt list. IP address of that entity is below. This should give you an idea of where the caller is connected.

08729567.001 |09:03:38.467 |AppInfo  |//SIP/SIPUdp/wait_SdlSPISignal: Outgoing SIP UDP message to[5060]:
ACK sip:30020005@ SIP/2.0

c=IN IP4

m=audio 24558 RTP/AVP 0 101
a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000


Caller then hangs up the call. This bye comes in from gateway with normal disconnect cause 16.

08729858.003 |09:03:52.094 |AppInfo  |//SIP/SIPUdp/wait_UdpDataInd: Incoming SIP UDP message size 600 from[56693]:
BYE sip:+33173150194@ SIP/2.0

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