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Call Forward All Problem


We have a customer with the internal number series of 331XX. I have made several device profiles from that serie of numbers.

Now i cannot take one of the phones and do a call forward all to the internal number, so i press 3 3 and when i press 1, the cisco voice comes and says it doesn't know the number.

The forward can't be done from a phone with a DN of 4 digits and a phone with a DN of 5 digits.

I recall myself this problem before but i'm blackout on where to start looking, i would guess a translation pattern somewhere because we have a voip dial peer on the gateway with destination pattern .....

Could someone get me on the right track?

I have the following translation patterns for this customer:

331[4-8]X  to forward the unassigned numbers to their main number ( hunt pilot)

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Call Forward All Problem

You should verify, under the DN who's unable to forward call to that destination, what CSS is associated to the Forward All option.

Make sure this CSS includes the Partition of the destination Directory Number.


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Call Forward All Problem

The CSS are normally all good for the call forward all settings.

But i have just tested, and i cannot call internal 5 digits in that 331XX range.

Same problem, i press twice 3 and then when i press 1 it errors with the cisco voice

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Call Forward All Problem

You say you are unable to even just call numbers in that range, or only when you try to forward calls you have the problem.

Have you tried using Route Plan Report to verify if you have some other overlapping patterns starting with 331?

After this I would only think of a Translation PAttern in the way, provided that CSS and Partitions are set corretly.


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Call Forward All Problem


Yes i have an overlapping

I have pattern that does 3XX to a different site

So i'll need to specify a new one? But i also have 331[4-8]X to forward unassigned numbers from the pool, and i think if i make for example 331XX to have more numbers it will match conflict.

Any advice on this?

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Call Forward All Problem

If you can, you can put the two numbers on two separate partitions.

You can do this, only if the numbers are used in different context. USing different CSS, you will be able to call numbers separately.

If this is not possible, the only other way is slightly changing the number. For example, by adding an * in front of it, indicating that it is a service number.


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Call Forward All Problem

Another advice is to use uniform dial-plans : i.e. same DN lenght.

In the case you indicated above

3XX  overlaps with 331XX and 331[4-8]X

331XX overlaps with 331[4-8]X


They all overlap somehow. Best differentiatior si the common digits (before the x) to have at least one difference between each other.

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