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Call Forward By Country


I am not sure if this is even possible so thought i would post the question.

We have CUCM 9 with H323 Gateway. Is it possible to forward calls by the source and destination like an access-list?

For example a call from Germany source would start +49******** it is destined to a specific DDI +4412345678 within our CUCM.

Taking into account anything from Germany going to +4412345678, can this be diverted or forwarded at the inbound H323 Gateway or on CUCM to another international DDI?




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Hi, Don't know if this is


 Don't know if this is answering your question but if you need to "divert" the call for a longer period of time, you could consider using translation rules and profiles on the IOS voice gateway.

E.g./Zum Beispiel:  when the call enters the gateway from the PSTN, translate the CdPN to the new number and if the dial-peers have te correct destination-pattern, the call could be out to the PSTN again to the new number. Beware of tromboning, though and service provider limitations with respect to the CgPN.

What is the background of the question? Rerouting of calls in case of problems ?




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Hi Janthanks for your

Hi Jan

thanks for your response.

We are trying to forward calls for our existing call center to a new Call Center in the U.S.

The Calls must be coming from Germany, so inbound call with +49 and destined to our internal call center DDI +4412345678. If the condition's are met then forward outbound to US +198765432.(for example)

Again if a call comes from France, so inbound +33 and destined to our internal call center DDI +4412345678. If conditions met send outbound to another US DDI +134343434 (for example).






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Hi Simon, There are a couple

Hi Simon,

 There are a couple of options in my opinion:

1. The easiest (but likely not the cheapest) is to ask your telephone service provider to set-up this temporary call rerouting.
2. Imagining that you have an E1 on your H.323 gateway, I presume that the configuration looks like this:
  dial-peer voice 10 pots
  description blabla
  destination-pattern 0.T
  port 0/0:15
Now, add an other dial-peer with "answer-address" matching the calling number in Germany and add a translation-profile for the called number:
  voice translation-rule 1
   rule 1 /4412345678/ /00198765432/
  voice translation-profile zaphod
   translate called 1
  dial-peer voice 20 pots
  description second blabla
  translation-profile incoming zaphod
  destination-pattern 0.T
  answer-address 49<blabla>
  port 0/0:15
this should result in Germany originated calls landing on dial peer 20 and if the CdPN matches,
it should be translated. After translation it should match an existing destination-pattern of a pots dial-peer, of course.

3. Yet another possible solution is to use a TCL script on the voice gateway that translates the CdPN and reroutes the call.
This script needs to be written by you but you will find more info on Cisco's web site: search for "tcl ivr" or have a peek at


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Hi JanMany thanks for your

Hi Jan

Many thanks for your input, i will need to investigate / do some research and give it a go. 




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