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Call forward for shared line extenstion in CUCM 7.1

Is there anyway to allow a phone to do a call forward all for a shared line appearance?  If the line is not the primary line and you select that line, the call forward all button gray's out and cannot be used.



Re: Call forward for shared line extenstion in CUCM 7.1


Assuming that your Enterprise Parameters are configured to allow users access to call forwarding parameters, the users can call forward any line on an IP phone assigned to them using the CCMUser web portal. For lines that are assigned to secondary, tertiary, etc. buttons on the phone, using the CCMUser web portal is the only way. Well, at least out of the box. Other methods could be custom added to your system leveraging XML services and the AXL/SOAP API if you really needed users to be able to do this from the IP phone.




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Re: Call forward for shared line extenstion in CUCM 7.1

Hey Seth,

Just to add a note to the great tips from Bill (+5 points Bill

Currently cfwdall is only supported for Line 1 on the phone.The only method available to cfwdall Line 2 etc. is to do it from ccmadmin or the ccmuser web access page.

There is also a third party product called;

IPPhone callForwarder

This new version brings to the user the ability of defining and setting the call forwards from the IP Phone. When selecting the IP Phone callForwarder service, a menu with all available lines will appear. After selecting the line the user wishes to set the forward on, a new menu containing the forward definitions will show on screen. Only those forwarding parameters definied by the Administrator will be displayed. These parameters will show the actual forward destination. The user can then set any of these callForwards.

From this good link;

There is a feature/bug request open for this problem CSCdr03425 (Thanks Neeraj!). This is still outstanding:(

Hope this helps!


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