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Call Forward No Answer

Im running CM4.2...i would like to set my Desk phone to Call Forward All to a 7921 wireless (that does not have VMail)...if i dont answer the wireless phone i would like it to go back to the extension the forwarded the calls vmail...

basicall user calls phone A, Phone A forwards all Calls to Phone B, no one answers phone B, so the call is sent back to Phone As voicemail box.

Is this doable???


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Re: Call Forward No Answer

Hi Shaun,

This is most doable :) Here are two methods;

If this is just a one-up type of setup you can configure a Voicemail profile (in CCM) for the desk phone DN and apply it to the DN for the 7921 that will allow this type of Message Forward your mailbox.

Or in Unity set up Alternate Extensions so that the 7921 is an Alternate Extension for your DN. Sharing a Cisco Unity Voice Mail Box between Two or More IP Phones

Configure Alternate Extensions

Open the Unity System Administrator web page.

Navigate to the subscriber's profile. Select Subscribers > Find and Select a Subscriber > Enter Subscriber Information then click Find and click the Subscriber's name for the subscriber that owns the primary phone (Phone B).

When the subscriber page comes up, select the Alternate Extensions option and click Add.

Enter the alternate extension number (in this case Phone A) and click the Save icon.

From this good Unity doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Call Forward No Answer


thanks for the help...So if my primary phone is A, i go into unity, set phone B as an alternate extension...

Then when i forward all calls from my primary phone a to b, and dont answer the alternate extension b, it will go to my that right??

Do i need to set a vmail profile on the secondary phone eventhough its not a unity subscriber?

can i set the same extension as the alternate extension for multiple primary phones?


Primary ---- ALT

1000 --- 1020

1001 --- 1020

1002 --- 1020

Thanks in advance

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Re: Call Forward No Answer

Hi Shaun,

You are most welcome :) Here you go;

1. Set B as an Alternate extension under A

2. Yes

3. You don't need the profile if using Unity. This config is in CCM (Sorry for not being clear)so either/or

4. No the number must be unique. So B can only be an Alternate for 1 Phone

Hope this helps!


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