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Call Forward PSTN >CCME>PSTN doesn?t work for any number??

Hello everybody,HELP ANYBODY.

I work on a implementation that from PSTN any number can call to GDN 24133450, and then forward to another number on the PSTN.

This is a E1 fractional ISDN PRI with 6 GDN and each GDN has 5 trunks.

In order for the call go through I have the give to PSTN.

1. The GDN number.

2. Type national.

3. Plan isdn.

Use translation-rule 14 and then I applied to dial-peer voice 1100 POTS.

THE PROBLEM is that I need to do it for any number from PSTN into the translation-rule 14 no just for the number specify in the translation-rule 14.

I applied some parameter to chage any number to 24133450 but I couldn?t do it.

Here is the configuration and debug attachments.




Re: Call Forward PSTN >CCME>PSTN doesn?t work for any number??

use separate dial peers for internal calls to be forwarded and different from PSTN to PSTN

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Re: Call Forward PSTN >CCME>PSTN doesn?t work for any number??


I see in your config that you have legacy translation-rules ( such as #14 that you have applied outgoing on DP 1100 ). You also have the new-style Voice Translation-Profile ( such as pstn-incoming5 that you have applied incoming on DP 1100 ).

The newer voice translation-profile is much more powerful and I suggest you use that instead of the older way in all cases.

I'm still not entirely sure what you're trying to accomplish. I will provide config to change any number into 24133450.

voice translation-rule 3450

rule 1 /^.+$/ /24133450/

voice translation-profile ANY3450

translate called 3450

!Are you trying to change DNIS? Use above command. If trying to change ANI use translate calling 3450

dial-peer voice 1100 pots

translation-profile out ANY3450

I'm not suggesting that you apply the above config to a production system without full understanding of how it will affect call routing. I'm providing you example config to change any number to 24133450.

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