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Call Forward Question

I would like to know if it is possible for the following two scenarios to happen...

Let’s say I FWD my calls to 613-111-2222 (home) from my work number 613-786-1111. Our general number is 613-233-5555. What I see at the present moment is this. If somebody calls my work number, the phone call gets FWD to my cell and on my Cell call display I see the General 613-233-5555 number. Would it be possible to mask this and make it my Work number that shows up on the call Display?

Scenario B:

This is almost the same scenario as A except its in regards with internal office calls.

Two branch offices in different geographic regions. Office A has extension 85432 and Office B has 54321. If I FWD 54321 to 85432 and then an internal user from Office B calls the 54321 extension it will now put the 85432 extension on his call display.

Is there a way to mask this to reflect the extension 54321 only?

Any ideas would be appreciated

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Re: Call Forward Question

This is probably due to what you are overriding the number to on either the Route Patter, Route List or GW, what happens if you simpy call your home number from that phone?

It should show on the IP phone the original dialed number and forwarded number, what CM version are you running?


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