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call forward - second line not working

dear all,

can any one please guide me why my call forward for second line is not working.. this phone is equipped with 3 extension and first line forwarding is working fine but about second line, i am able to go to user page see the line settings things, able to put the number but when i am dialing the number it is dropping saying "number not in use". Please advise how to check this & solve --- very urgent CUCM 6.1.3

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Re: call forward - second line not working

Guys any help.. plz advise

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Re: call forward - second line not working

Have you checked the CSS for the CFA destination you are trying to set? From the phone it should fail if the CSS for CFA cannot reach the destination whereas from the user page, I am not sure the same applies!

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Re: call forward - second line not working

ok i will explain ..

its a single phone with 3 lines and all the three lines are from different CSS. so i am able to forward 1st extension not the second one.

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Re: call forward - second line not working

Is it only happening on one particular IP Phone? If you configure another IP Phone with two lines and try to forward the line to another destination does it work?

Is the destination you are forwarding to another IP Phone?

New Member

Re: call forward - second line not working

havent tried it .. we want this on only one phone ... actually we have a call centre where in morning calls go to the clients and evenings and weekends it comes to us .. so for that we want this. and we are forwarding to a different PSTN number. This number is a direct line not a extension .. on the ip phone

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Re: call forward - second line not working

Can you test on the second line, forwarding the call to a regular IP Phone extension within the network? I would be curious to see if an internal CFA works or not on the second line?

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Re: call forward - second line not working

it started working ... dont understand how .. because i was thinking the problem is from my side and was tring to figure it out then my colleague told me that we need to enable Call forwarding from ISP, i was thinking this feature comes directly enabled in this country and yesterday before leaving i figured this out that i am putting the number but i didnt put the CSS so moment i did it started working.. so i thought that mistake was from my side...

now today morning i got a mail that telecom has enabled the forwarding from yesterday afternoon... it started working after yesterday afternoon only...

so dont know what was wrong .. is this the CSS part or telecom part... confused...!!!!

New Member

Re: call forward - second line not working

I would think that the issue was on the service provider side as your initial note said that the call was dropped and you heard "number not in use" being played which is typically something the service provider would do. However it could have been a combination of both CSS and service provider. The best way to check would be to put the CSS back to what it originally was and see if it still fails or not, if not, then it was a service provider issue.

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We have seen this problem

We have seen this problem also.The only way to do this is by going to the web interface:   ( or IP address if that what you use)


you would login with your credentials, select your phone ( if case you have more than one phone).

then go to line settings, from here  you can select line 1 or line 2, then set your call forwarding.


Question to the Cisco Guy:

Other phone systems have an access code for Call forwarding ( systems like Avaya, Adtran, etc.) and it would be something like *2  ( for example).


so if I wanted to forward my phone on the second line, using the phone, I would select line 2, get the dial tone, then I would press *2  followed by the phone number I want to forward to.


Is this possible on Cisco Call manager?  

A simpler question  would be, what code is entered when you press the CFwALL button, as this is what we need to know to be able to forward any line without having to use the web interface.





Cisco Employee

No, it's not possible, there

No, it's not possible, there is no code, it's a CFA softkey event.



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HiLike most things with CUCM


Like most things with CUCM - it IS possible, it just requires a little more work. 

What you need to do if you require this functionality is to implement a small XML service for the phones that allows users to manage each of their forwards. This would be a fairly small development effort; some basic XML being served to the phones, whatever security logic you want, and a couple of AXL calls to CUCM to implement the config change.

There are lots of companies out there would love to do this for you, or that might even have off the shelf products. PM me if you're stuck and want me to do it.


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