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Call Forward to Unity Voice Mail


I have a 2811 gateway router with 2 X E1, one connects to alegacy PABX, the other to the PSTN. The Ethernet connects to the Voice Vlan and therefore to Call Manager v5.1.

This scenario allows both IP phones and legacy phones access to/from the PSTN.

For the IP phones installed so far, I have configured VOIP dial-peers to allow incoming PSTN calls to the IP phones. This works ok.

Some users therefore have an IP phone and a legacy phone on their desk, both with the same extension number. This is a temporary arrangement during the pilot phase of the project.

I also have Unity (voicemail only)and this works ok with Call Manager - IP phones can call voicemail no problem.

The problem is when an IP phone has Call Forward All set to voice mail (8000). A call from the PSTN to the IP phone (eg 4016) with CFA=voicemail does not go to unity. Instead, it rings through to legacy extension 4016. From debug ccapi inout I can see that the incoming call correctly matches the voip dial-peer for ext 4016 but the call does not complete so it eventually matches a POTS dial peer for 40.. and therefore rings the legacy extension 4016. When I disable the POTS dial peer and repeat the test, the calling phone hears unobtainable tone and the debug shows "destination out of order".

An internal call from another IP phone to 4016 does go straight to Unity as expected therefore internal calls are ok.

The fact that internal access to Unity is ok suggests to me that my CSS/Partition and Hunt Pilot/Voice Mail Pilot/Voice Mail ports are configured correctly. I can't see what is causing the problem with calls from the PSTN.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Call Forward to Unity Voice Mail

Have you verified the Call Forward All calling search space contains the permission to call the VM pilot point?

Also, try experimenting with changing where the IP phone is forwarded. Instead of forwarding to VM, forward it to the neighboring IP phone to see if it calls the legacy phone.

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