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Call forwarding not working

Whenever users configure there phones to forward to another destination through the user interface or I configure the line settings to forward to an outside number it always says.

"You have reached a number that has been disconnected or no longer in service..."

If I dial that exact same number internally it works fine. If they forward to an internal line it works fine. Any ideas?


Re: Call forwarding not working

First, can you make sure if the announcement is from CCM or from Telephone service provider (from the first look, it seems to be from service provider). In later case, CCM is sending the number out to PSTN and you are receiving this announcement from provider.

Are you adding PSTN access code to the number while forwarding. e.g.: If you are using 0 as PSTN access code, and if want to forward calls to say 05020321000, in CFWD the number should be configured as 005020321000

Lastly, is your phone/line CSS and CFWD CSS same. As you have said, if you can successfuly dial a number from phone, try configuring the same CSS for CFWD

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Re: Call forwarding not working

I believe it's not coming from the PSTN because if I call using the exact same number it doesn't work. How do I check the phone/line CSS and CWFD CSS is the same? Also, there is no access code for the PSTN. I have a 9.@ pattern to go to the outside.

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Re: Call forwarding not working

There was an error on the CSS Configuration, whenever Unity Connections tries to forward now it will go to voicemail no matter what. I know the rule is working though becauseit will try to screen the caller and ask for there name.

Re: Call forwarding not working

If you dial an outside number (923547865) from phone, does it work or not

Now if you configure exact same digits (923547865) in CFWD settings, does it work or not

In order to check Device Calling Search Space:

1. Find a phone from Device > Phone

2. On the Device Configuration page, check the value configured for "Calling Search Space"

To check CFWD CSS,

1. Find a phone from Device > Phone

2. Select the line you wish to configure call forward on.

3. On the Line Configuration page, under "Call Forward and Pickup Settings", there are option Forward All, Forward Busy, Forward No Answer etc.

4. Make sure the checkbox under Voice Mail in unchecked. Under Destination, confiugre the number you want to forward to (923547865). Under Calling Search Space, check which one is configured.

P.S: Above instructions are for CCM. Please let me know if you are using CCME. In that case, above instructions are not valid

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