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Call Forwarding question

I have situation like this:

A -> B -> C

A - some phone from PSTN network

B - IP phone registered with Call Manager; it has call forward to C

C - mobile phone

Phone A calls B, and call is forwarded to C phone. When call goes from B to C, I see A number as calling and C number as called. Is it possible to have B number as calling and C number as called?


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Re: Call Forwarding question

Hi Vlaho,

Have a look at this doc, it describes the method to change what number is shown on redirect (from Originating to Redirecting > in your case to change from A to B);

Failure to Forward Call Offsite - Issue with Calling Device Number

From this good tech note;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Call Forwarding question

Hi Rob,

you suggestion is right but this is strange if you think about it. To make the transfer, CCM places a new call to PSTN, apparently presents ANI of A, telco happily accepts it and deliver it to C as calling number ?!?

This means, the system can originate calls with arbitrary caller-id to (at least) cell-phones user. One malicious person could easily use caller-id as police number, or any other exploitation of this.

I'm not sure if this is know, understood and accepted by the all involved parties (telco, company, and telecommunication regulatory body).

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Re: Call Forwarding question

Hi Paolo,

You are correct :) this is quite a gap! Most Telcos won't accept this non-billable number (thus the doc that I sent Vlaho) but many do. We do not allow Call Forward External so this has never been a problem for us, but this is something that, as Administrators,we need to keep an eye on.

Keep up the great work and take care!


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Re: Call Forwarding question

Hi Rob,

I didn't try to configure call forwarding as it was in document you send. The Telco has configured that C phone see gateway number of site. They are happy with that solution, so I leave that situation as it is.

Thanks for the document.

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