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Call Handler Active Schedule

As the owner of a designated Call Handler, is there a way to toggle the Active Schedule or is this only permissable by the administrator?

Unity 7.02

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Re: Call Handler Active Schedule

Hi Kelly,

I'm very sorry if this is way off base here, but I'm unsure what

you mean by "toggle" the Active Schedule. Maybe you are looking for a way

to engage a certain "Greeting" on an ad-hoc basis;

Cisco Unity Greetings Administrator Overview

The Cisco Unity Greetings Administrator allows you—or the call handler owners that you assign—to manage call handler greetings from any phone. For example, when the office is unexpectedly closed because of bad weather, you can call Cisco Unity from home to enable the alternate Opening Greeting, or rerecord a call handler greeting to state that the office is closed.

The owner of the call handler can be any subscriber or public distribution list. When a public distribution list owns a call handler, the Cisco Unity Greetings Administrator allows each member of the public distribution list to manage call handler greetings by using the Cisco Unity phone conversation. (Note that a call handler owner is not necessarily the message recipient.)

By using the Cisco Unity Greeting Administrator, you can do the following tasks without having to access the Cisco Unity Administrator:

•Rerecord a call handler greeting.

•Enable or disable the alternate greeting for a call handler.

•Determine which greeting is currently active for a call handler.



New Member

Re: Call Handler Active Schedule

Hey Rob--

Thanks for the reply.

I do have the end user configured as the owner of the call handler so they know how to change the greeting.

The problem is they run an office that is generally open for business from 7:30 - 4:30 M - F. Once a month they need to stay open from 7:30 - 6:00. This always occurs on a different day of the month and has no set regularity.

As it is now, they have to call me to change the schedule and they often forget to do this.

I was attempting to see if there was a way to let them change the time schedule on their own without involvement from me. I did not want to give them any type of admin access. I couldn't see where this was possible but I thought I would post it to the forum.

Thanks again.

Kelly Dodd

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Re: Call Handler Active Schedule

Hi Kelly,

This may be possible.... because the Greetings Admin can toggle what greeting

is enabled/disabled you may be able to leverage this. Can you try turning off the

Closed greeting and see what happens. If the Closed greeting is turned off, the schedule

should not work and the Standard greeting should be played. This could then be reversed

for the rest of the month by simply re-enabling the Closed greeting via the Greetings Admin.

This could be done by the peeps instead of involving you every time



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