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Call Handler - Setup

I was wondering to know if would be possible to setup a call handler with these 3 options using CUCM/CUC 8.6.2.

When someone dials inbound call: XXXXX-1111, goes to the "main record message":

Here are the 3 options:

1. press 1 - to go to another record message, after the message is finished it goes directly to the VM, let's say extension: 1111;

2. if you know the extension dial anytime during the "main record message". The caller should be able to dial 7 digits extension in order to talk to someone accordingly;

3. if you do not know the extension wait to talk to the operator when the "main record message is finished". So, after you listened the record message, the call should ring the extension 1111, it no one picks it up, goes to the 1111 VM.

Is that possible? If so, could you please point me to the right direction?


Cisco Employee

Call Handler - Setup

Yes, how to configure a basic AA has been discussed thousands of times before, a simple search will provide you with all the information you need on that.

Main call handler with caller input:

1 go to another call handler, record greeting, after action, send to VM of John Doe

2 another call handler telling them to dial 7 digits, that's it. By default they accept caller input for transfer.

on main call handler after greeting action, to attempt transfer to 1111, on DN 1111 call forward to VM.

Again, this has been discussed thorugly in the past and you just need to search for all that info.



if this helps, please rate



if this helps, please rate
New Member

Call Handler - Setup

Jaime, thanks for your time to help me out on this.

I had a few issue in my active/active CUC topology, but everything now looks good, and was able to setup the configuration as you suggested.

would be possible for user to record a new message over the phone using a call handler? This time I've uploaded the files, but would be easier at any time they need to change the record message over the phone. If so, please point me out the right direction.

Once again thank you.

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Call Handler - Setup

Hi Gustavo,

I'll just add this to the good info from our friend Java (+5 "J")

There are multiple ways to reach the Greetings Administrator Conversation where

Call Handler greetings can be easily changed over the phone.

It's nice to have a number that can be reached from outside the office using

a DID # so that Greetings for Call Handlers can be changed in case of an emergency

or "bad weather" day

One of the easiest ways is to just map a key off an existing Call Handler via - "Caller input" >

Greetings Administrator Conversation.

You can even put a button on your phone, with a "Direct" routing rule to the

Greetings Administrator Conversation if you have to change these all the time.

***NOTE: that when I followed the guide (above) I had to use a Forwarded Routing Rule

and I'm not sure the doc was ever changed. If you want to lock this down, just use Call

Handler "Owners" instead of the Greeting Admin  role. That way the owner can only change greetings for their

own Call Handlers..



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New Member

Call Handler - Setup

Hi Rob, thanks so much to jump on this thread and shared it. I'll play around on this and see how it goes, but before trying that. I just heard that when someone calls this call handler they cannot enter the extension during the greetings. It worked just for the last 4 digits and just for one extension, pretty weird.

The idea is to provide the outside caller enter any extension during the greetings of course as long as these extensions are reachable internally which they are.

For instance: when someone from outside called the main number (which is the call handler) during the greeting, they should be able to dial 88XXXX (the same location for call handler) or 99XXXX (a different location from this call handler).

This is the way is setup:

On call handler-caller input: wait for additional digits 1500 milliseconds, and I did not setup prepend digits to dialed extensions because we have two different prepend 88 and 99.

And on Edit Greeting (standard) - during greeting the "allow transfers to numbers...." is checked with 0 for timers to re-prompt caller and 2 seconds for delay between re-prompts.

Am I missing something?


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