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Call Manager 4.13 - Phone Time Issues

We have never applied the DST patch to our Call Managers.

So this past weekend, the system clock fell back 1 hour and our phones are now showing 1 hour behind as well.

I manually corrected the system clock on all the Call Managers in our cluster but the phones are still showing 1 hour behind.

Is there a service or something I need to do to make the phones pick up the correct time?



Re: Call Manager 4.13 - Phone Time Issues


You will need to upgrade your CCM service release and upgrade your OS version on your MCS servers in order to have the correct DST settings.The following link would be a great place to start to see what you need:

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Re: Call Manager 4.13 - Phone Time Issues

Hi and thanks for your reply. I know that I need to upgrade to resolve the fundamental DST issue.

After I manually changed the system clock in the Windows OS on my Call Managers - the desktop phones didn't immediately pick up the time.

There must be a process that governs how the phones pick up time and after a time-out period, they'll grab the corret time stamp from the Windows system clock on the Call Managers.

I'm looking for an examplanation of that process.

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Re: Call Manager 4.13 - Phone Time Issues


Please reset the date and time group under the system tab in callmanager administration window. Reset one or two times untill the desktop phone pic-up the system clock time

Thank You

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Re: Call Manager 4.13 - Phone Time Issues

Hi -

Wouldn't that reset every DP associated with the date and time group I'm resetting ?

If so, wouldn't that reset every phone associated with each DP or does a DP reset only hit the DP construct and not pass down to reset the phones associated with that DP?



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Re: Call Manager 4.13 - Phone Time Issues

I guess my problem is different but I could use some help. My phones are 1 hour behind but my servers have the CORRECT time. Just the phones are off which makes no sense. I opened a ticket with TAC, and I was told this is similar to last spring DST issues. I did apply the patches then but am told I will have to repatch with something as yet unreleased. Thoughts? BTW I'm a 24x7 shop so needless to say I do not want anything with a reboot.

Thanks, John

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Re: Call Manager 4.13 - Phone Time Issues

What TZ are you in?


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Re: Call Manager 4.13 - Phone Time Issues


This thing some times occures despite of DST.I don't know exactly why, but i think it is becouse the system time is not correctly synchonised with the callManager. one of the immidiate solution for this is to manaually sync system time with callmanager

This is one procedure which is worked for me. Manually correct the system clock on all the Call Managers and.....

.....Do this at non-production houres......

1)Go to services (to get this RUN- services.msc)

2)Made the NTP service manual , then stop the services. To make it manual (double click), To stop (right click)

3)Executed the following commands in all servers

net time /setsntp:

net time /querysntp

4)Go to Windows Time service , make it auto , Then restart. To make auto (double click), To restart (right click)

Verify that all the servers are showing correct time ( in terms of seconds also)

5)Open CCM window, Go to Time and Date group. Select a particular group, then press the reset button

Now all phones should display the right time such as server time

Do not confuse this with NTP and do not start the NTP again. The Network Time Protocol is a utility used to synchronize clocks on different devices with the callmanager server. so that if you have a NTP server in your network and the system is taking time from that you need to follow another procedure. one more thing- do not run NTP and windows time service at the same time.Both are different cases of time synch facilities at different situations.

Thank you, Rate my post if it helps

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