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Call Manager 4.2(3) and 7940G Phones


I am having Call Manager 4.2(3). I was trying to add 7940G IP Phones , but I am not able to choose that in the Add Phone menu. There is no 7940G in that drop down menu. There are 7940, 7941, and 7941G.

Which option should I take or if I need to do any upgrades ? I want to use this as a dual line Phone. If I tried to add this Phone as 7940 Phone, the phone is getting registering. But I am able to see only 1 Line and able to assign DN to only this one Line.

If I am trying to add as a 7941 or 7960 Phones I am getting Load ID incorrect message on the IP Phone. Please help.




Re: Call Manager 4.2(3) and 7940G Phones

As far as I know, there is no 7940G option. I just checked our 4.1(3) server and I only see a 7940. You should be fine with that - we use both 7940s and 7940Gs with that config as do others likely.

You are likely only seeing one line because of the phone button template assigned to the phone. If you edit the phone button template to have two lines, you will see the "Add DN" selection in the left hand side bar.

To edit the phone button templates, in 4.1(3) (from memory) go to ccmadmin > device > device settings > phone button template (or something like that). Should be the same in 4.2

Try that out and let us know how that goes.

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Re: Call Manager 4.2(3) and 7940G Phones

Hi Pete,

Just thought I would add this note to Lelios great info, the G designation (in 7940G) indicates the Global Icon rather than the old English Hard Key Labels that were installed on the base 7940/7960 models.So instead of having words on the buttons like Settings,Services,Directory etc they come with icons and the little "sticker" package. Have a look;

EoL for Cisco IP Phones with English Hard Key Labels

EoS/EoL phone models have English hard key labels. New models (G) replace English hard label keys with universal icon labels.

End of Sales (EoS) May 20, 2002

Last Date of Support May 2007

From this doc;

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7940G

You will notice that this "G" designation is not shown on CCM for other phones either (like 7941/7961). You can allways use the model # without the G when adding phones.

Hope this helps!


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