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Call Manager Broadcast Hunt Group Issue

I have a broadcast hunt group with about a dozen lines on different phones in it.  The problem I have though is the right lines aren't ringing on some specific phones.  I have a phone with for example extension 8080 as its primary extension but also has 8081 line appearance on the phone with the ringer set to silent on that appearance for that phone.  Basically it is a line appearance so the user can monitor the status of the other user, pick up calls, etc.  The problem I have is that on some phones a silent extension is ringing instead of the primary extension both of which are part of the broadcast hunt group meaning the users don't hear it ring or know to answer the call. 


Re: Call Manager Broadcast Hunt Group Issue

It is possible that multiple lines have not had the ringing configured correctly on the line for that device.   Even though it's a shared line across multiple phones, you have to configure each and every line for the ringing state.   IE  Ring one, then blink, etc.    If configure it the shared line one device, it does not replicate to the other devices.

Possible do a BAT change on those lines to set to ring, reset the phone.  Then go back and set to silient and reset the phones.  Maybe just a toggle between the two settings will fix it.

Also, check your phone firmware.  There are have been some goofy firmwares lately and I have been backing down a couple version to make a few things work correctly.  (or if it did work before, but now it does not.... probably firmware on the phone)

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