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Call manager and local PSTN dialing

If I have one central office and 2 branch office. Central office process calls with call manager for central office and branches. Branches are using 1861 SRST routers. My question is can a person from central office call branch office's Local PSTN numbers? For example, if the Central office is in New York, and the branch office is in San Francisco, can a user in New York dial any local area number in San Francisco with out incurring long distance charge? If yes, how it can be implemented? What are the product and technology to do that?



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Re: Call manager and local PSTN dialing

MARTIN this feature really interesting !!

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Re: Call manager and local PSTN dialing


This is totally possible, but do make sure there are no legal issues when making voip calls over the border/country.

You can do this with any of the CUCM setup, all it needs is to configure the partitions and calling search space as you require it.

Also, you may need to have different access codes for the different offices.

E.g: From Main office, dial 9 for outgoing calls out of Main office. From Main office, dial 8 for outgoing calls out of remote office A and so on.

You can dial 9 from the remote office for outgoing calls locally too, depends on how you want it.

E.g you have the following:

Main office Site A:

- Phone A

- Gateway A with PSTN

- Route Pattern: 9.! for outgoing calls out of Gateway A

Remote office Site B:

- Phone B

- Gateway B with PSTN

- Route Pattern: 8.! for outgoing calls out of Gateway B

Therefore you can allow both Route Patterns in the calling search space of the phones in both sites.

Therefore at the main office A, users can dial 9 for outgoing calls out of gateway A and also can dial 8 for outgoing calls out of gateway B.

Users at the main office B will dial vice versa.

You can actually configure such that at both sites, when they dial 9 for outgoing calls, it would exit their local gateways and 8 for calls out of another location. However, you got to be sure on the partitions and routes to ensure there is no conflicts.

Hope this is not too much for you.

Have fun!



Re: Call manager and local PSTN dialing

just to add to the nice info from Eugene

this design called

according to cisco press

Tail-End Hop-Off

Tail-End Hop-Off (TEHO) allows a company to reduce its long-distance toll charges. When remotes sites are connected by an IP WAN, you can route calls that are bound to those citiesand those sitesover the WAN. The terminating gateway then routes them out to the PSTN as a local call. This sounds like a good idea in theory, but it can be complex in practice.

You need a separate dial peer for each area code/prefix combination in each remote location. Large cities have many prefixes and might have several area codes also. Small cities or regions might have some prefixes within the same area code that are local calls, and some that are long-distance calls. You might need a gatekeeper for an extensive TEHO implementation.

Regulatory issues might curtail the use of TEHO, also. TEHO results in a loss of revenue for telecommunications companies, so some countries regulate calls carried across country or regional borders. Careful planning and research on the most recent laws concerning mixed VoIP and PSTN calls is necessary before implementing TEHO in your network

u can configured as stated in the above post

or u can make all the accees code the same on all sites not must to make diffrent for each site but u need a dial plan for each site and u can cotrol the access to the right dial plan and route pattren through partitions and CSS and u need a saparte device pool for each site

if u use calls withing sites with codec g711 and between sites over IP as g727 in this case for TEHO u need to take into ur consideration the need of a transcoding !!

also u can control the digits for calls to pstn like prefixing extra digits or remove

on the gaeway level within each routeList

in this case u can have redundant gateway for each call

good luck

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Re: Call manager and local PSTN dialing

The "local route group" feature of CUCM 7.x makes TEHO relatively easy to configure.

Re: Call manager and local PSTN dialing

MARTIN this feature really interesting !!

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