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Call Manager Display

I created a route pattern to route calls out a tie line to an M1. The 6802 is so th M1 knows how to route the call out it's own PRI. But when making the calls the 6802 will display on the set with the number dialed. How do I not display the 6802 on the sets but still send the digits?


Re: Call Manager Display

In the Route Pattern, you are using a different pattern. Could you please clarify a little bit more the scenario.

Also in the called party transform mask you are changing the original CALLED number to 6802.

What type of calls you want to perform.

What you want for CALLED party number

for CALLING PARTY number?


New Member

Re: Call Manager Display

The reason I'm changing the called party number is because I need to send the 6802 digits so the Nortel M1 knows what to do with the call comming in. But on the display of the phone it shows the 6802 digits in the dialed number and this is not what the customer wants to see, they just want to see the 7 digits. The calls I wish to perform are just a local 7 digit number. My called party number should be just 7 digits (with the 6802 being added so the customer does not have to dial 96802)and the calling party number should be 7 digits. I hope I'm being clear!?!

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Re: Call Manager Display

Found my fix. The trouble is in the service parameters of call manager. Always Display Original Dialed Number true/false. I changed this value to true and the Prefix Digits (Outgoing Calls) now do not get displayed, only the digits dialed.

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