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call manager phone report

I cant seem to find a way to generate a report in call manager 5.1 or 6.1 on the user or network locale settings on the phone. I see a bunch of other options on the device fields but not those. Is there a workaround or am I missing it?


Re: call manager phone report

Cisco CallManager Serviceability supports CDR Analysis and Reporting (CAR) under the Tools menu. CAR generates reports for Quality of Service, traffic, and billing information.


Re: call manager phone report

Well CDR is very useful for Call Records but not for what I am looking for. There is a Report Section in the Bulk Administration (BAT) that can generate reports on much of the setup of call manager devices. For example I can run a report (or maybe inventory would be a better word) and query all 7941 phone models and include the extension and maybe something like Calling Search Space. There is a ton of options to query but "location" is one I cant find.

Cisco Employee

Re: call manager phone report

That functionality is not implemented in CUCM BAT, if you want to get a list of the phones that are using a specific locale this is what you can try:

Use the Export Phones -> All Details options

This will create a csv file which you can open in a spreadsheet editor and use the user locale column to order it by name, this way you'll get the phones grouped by locale.

I know maybe this is not what you were looking for but it does the trick.

You can also export the users if you're looking for something similar.



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Re: call manager phone report

I thought I tried the all phones all details trick but thought it did not work... but anyway I will give it a shot.

Thanks for your reply!

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