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Call Manager Placement

Currently I have a CUCM in Arizona. I am in Afghanistan right now with a VPN going back home via satellite. Ping times are anywhere between 800-1500. As long as my phone has the correct firmware, it registers just fine and I can make calls. One of the things I am contemplating is placing a CME on my side of the link to keep phone registrations/firmware downloads on my side and only send signaling and the RTP stream across the tunnel. I am using G729 to save bandwidth, but is there any benefit to placing a CME on my side of the link?


Call Manager Placement


VoIP typically tolerates delays up to 150 ms before the quality of the call is unacceptable. Placing CME locall will also not help you, as IP phone RTp required 150ms of one way RTT and you said your delay is 800-1500. You will have to cut down your RTT to make it work.


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Re: Call Manager Placement

150 ms one way delay is G.114 standard recommendation, in reality 300 ms one way delay is acceptable and not uncommon. Placing local CME will at least cut down on the registration and file download times/ issues.

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Call Manager Placement

OK, I will have it completed today so I will see how things improve. I am thinking that by cutting down the registrations across the link will improve the call in some way. We'll see. Thanks!

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