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Call Manager - RTMT triggered "LowSwapPartitionAvailableDiskSpace" and "LowAvailableVirtualMemory"alarms on the Subscriber server

  1. Customer noticed that the RTMT triggered "LowSwapPartitionAvailableDiskSpace" and "LowAvailableVirtualMemory"alarms on the Subscriber server as well as getting similar syslog messages. This wasn't a problem at the beginning. He followed the instructions here:

to do some troubleshooting. He wasn't able to find any process etc that was causing it. The cli commands in the troubleshooting guide seemed to produce different figures to what RTMT was telling him.

The issue came to a head when all of a sudden this issue seemed to cause outages of all of the phones registered to the Call Manager. The Subscriber seemed to stop responig to all queries. He rebooted the server which seemed to alleviate the problem. Its been occuring more and more often now at what seems like random times.

2. The problem first showed up about 3 - 4 weeks ago. The last major changes made to the system (CCM version upgrade and installation of UCCX server).

3. He says, "I was unable to tell. When I looked at the cli, the troubleshooting commands told me that the CPU was doing almost nothing, at the same time that RTMT was telling me that the CPU was almost saturated".

4. OS version: UCOS4.0.0.0-7 Call Manager Version:

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Re: Call Manager - RTMT triggered "LowSwapPartitionAvailableDisk

Unable to attach screen shot of syslog. Forum says an unxpected error has occured when attaching.

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Re: Call Manager - RTMT triggered "LowSwapPartitionAvailableDisk

Customer thinks problem may be happening when CiscoWorks is Polling the Call Manager for IP Phones.

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