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Call Manager service does not start automatically

A client of mine has a call manager and installed a bunch of windows updates on that box. After that, the call manager service didn't start automatically. It is still configured to start automatically but it doesn't - he has to go into Services and start it manually.

Can someone give me an idea on how to fix this?

Thank you.

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Re: Call Manager service does not start automatically

Hey... Installing Microsoft updates on a CCM box is a big no no.

For CCM services, it is not recommended to do it through the Windows Services. Instead, go to the Cisco CallManager Serviceability webpage, check the service activation and the control center to ensure the CallManager service is started.

Did you backup the configurations before installing these windows updates?



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Re: Call Manager service does not start automatically

Thanks for replying!

I have no idea if they back up their call manager but I would guess that they don't. I was asked about this issue while taking care of other things.

The problem is that the CM service does start but not automatically whe the box is rebooted.

I'll look on CM serviceability but my guess is that I will see the service started and if they restart the box again it will not start unless started manually.

Would a "net start" batch file would help?

Thank you


Re: Call Manager service does not start automatically

The thing is that when you install updates directly from the microsoft website, you have done more damage than you can see. The 2 options around that is either get rid of the updates that were installed or rebuild the box. The server might look good as of now, doing a manual start could be a workaround, but it for sure is no solution. Also, remember that this is with updates from M$ is no longer TAC supported as well.

Re: Call Manager service does not start automatically

As mchandak pointed out, you don't have many options and nothing is really TAC supported since there are MS updates on there now.

I'd try to see if they have a backup someplace, or do one (the backup just backs up the data, so hopefully it should be good to restore off of after a server rebuild using the cisco media).

Another option (not sure if this would fix it, or make things worse) - is you can try to do the Cisco IPT OS updates and see if that somehow corrects the damage done by the MS updates but no guarantees.

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