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Call Manager traces for MGCP gateway

I have 2 MGCP gateways operating ok, but the 3rd won't place a call. Call manager (5.0) issues a CRCX, router responds with 200 (ok), then 100ms later CM issues DLCX. (CM abandoning the call for some reason I presume) How do I get traces of the call manager process that controls the commands sent to the MGCP gateway?




Re: Call Manager traces for MGCP gateway

Under Call Manager Servicability, set Call Manager traces to default, then choose detailed from drop down menu. Select the checkbox for traces to be on and over on right side apply to all nodes.

You may also need the SDL traces if it is a deeper problem, on the right hand side of trace screen click SDL and when that page opens make sure SDL traces are set to default and also set to enabled/on.

In the CCM detailed traces will be the MGCP communication between the gateway and CCM. You want to get the traces from the server the gateway is registered to.

While you make your test calls, etc you may want to a 'debug isdn q931' on the gateway if it is a PRI and a 'debug mgcp packet' and log those to file from time of test call to see what is happening on gateway side.

Are there any errors in the gateway/router log file? What does 'show ccm' show - any config errors? Also, what type of gateway and IOS version?

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Re: Call Manager traces for MGCP gateway

Thanks for your reply. IOS is 12.4(3e). All 3 routers are configured the same. I have done q931 and q921 traces on the link and RR's are going back and forth. I had tried the serviceability route and late last night discovered that I was using notepad to open the resulting files (they make little sense), but if I open with wordpad they are formatted much better. I think the router is ok as his only response after the CRCX is "ok", then CM issues a DLCX. I am fairly new to this so I will now attempt to wade through the voluminous logs I have gotten. There are no errors I can see in any of the normal places, I suspect I will find the answer in these traces. I have tried a tool called "Triple combo parser" that parses the IOS traces quite well, but doesn't do as well on the CM traces. Thanks for your help, I will attempt to narrow down the area where the call is being abandoned and go from there.


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