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Call Park and CDR

I need to get the following confirmed please.

When an external call is received by a user one CDR get created

That user then Parks the Call

1) Does a CDR get created when a new user retrieves the call from the parked number


2) does a CDR get created if the parked call is returned to the user that parked the call if the timer expires?


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Re: Call Park and CDR

That is a good questions, I would almost certainly say yes in both cases, however it would be worth checking the CDR records manually to get a firm answer.

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Re: Call Park and CDR

Hi Peter,

This is the only reference doc that describes the interaction between Call Park and CDR Records that I could find;

Call Park will generate two CDRs, one for the original call that is parked and another for the call that is picked up or reverted. These CDRs will have the same globalCallID_callId.

When the call is parked, the call gets split. The original call generates a CDR. The origTerminationOnBehalfOf and destTerminationOnBehalfOf fields get set to (Call Park = 3) for this CDR.

When the parked call is retrieved, the user goes off hook and enters the park code. This call joins with the parked call. Because the user picking up is joined with the parked call, the system treats the user as the originator of the call, and the parked user gets treated as the destination. This means that the callingPartyNumber of the call contains the directory number of the user who is picking up the call and the originalCalledNumber and finalCalledNumber contain the directory number of the parked user. The lastRedirectDn contains the park code that is used to pick up the call. The lastRedirectRedirectReason specifies (Call Park Pickup = 8). The lastRedirectRedirectOnBehalfOf should specify (Call Park = 3).

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Call Park and CDR


Users A make an external call to a Mobile -User gets charged for the call.

User A parks the call

User B picks up the parked call, will User B also get charged for an external call then?

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Re: Call Park and CDR

Hi Peter,

My guess is "yes" both User A and User B would be charged but for different call durations (not both for the total length). If you look at the example in the doc I sent this appears to be the case.



Re: Call Park and CDR


The CDR will be generated for both cases when call is coming and when it is parked.

This feature is introduced after CCM 4.1.3


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