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Call Park reminders in Call Manager 6.1

Does anyone know of a way to set reminders notifications at 60 second intervals for the person/phone placing a call in Park? This is something that can be done in Call Manager Express but I cannot find a comparable ability in Call Manager.



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Re: Call Park reminders in Call Manager 6.1

Yes in CM 6.1 you can do this by setting: Hold Reversion Timer and Hold Reversion Notification Interval either on the line or globally in service parameters.



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Re: Call Park reminders in Call Manager 6.1

I appreciate the reply. Isn't Hold a different animal than Call Park? Our Hold Reversion Timer is set to 0 and our Hold Reversion Notification is set to 30. Our reception has never gotten a notification at 30 second intervals that she still has a call out in Call Park. The call park reversion is set to 120.


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Re: Call Park reminders in Call Manager 6.1

You are correct, I mis-read your question. Call Park reversion timer is set globally by using the "Call Park Reversion Timer (sec)" parameter, the default is 90 seconds. It is not as fency as CME thought where you can redirect it to ther extensions, it will only ring back the party that parked the call.


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Re: Call Park reminders in Call Manager 6.1

Hi Kevin,

Just to add a note to the good info from Chris (+5 points for this buddy!)

Call Park Reversion

Call Park Reversion Timer - Default specifies 60 seconds. This parameter determines the time that a call remains parked. Set this timer for each server in a cluster that has the Cisco CallManager service and call park configured. When this timer expires, the parked call returns to the device that parked the call.


Note: To set the timers, choose System > Service Parameters and update the Call Park Display Timer and the Call Park Reversion Timer fields in the Clusterwide Parameters (Feature-General) pane.

From this good doc;

Hope this helps!


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