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Call Park settings - Cisco CallManager?


I'm running CM 4.1(3). We recently got a user request for call park. I noticed one of the settings is "Cisco CallManager," which provides a drop-down box of the CM servers. Is this the call park equivalent of CM group - simply configuring where the call park numbers will register?

The server selected won't affect who has access to the call park numbers will it (access will be controlled by partitions and calling search spaces, correct)?

Anything special to note when selecting a particular server?

Thanks! Rob.


Re: Call Park settings - Cisco CallManager?

Actually you need to configure a park range on each server in the cluster.




Re: Call Park settings - Cisco CallManager?

Hi Rob,

Call park is a number range is only "owned" by one server in the callmanager cluster. This effectively means that each server running the CCM service in the cluster needs to have a call park number range associated with it in case it gets asked to park a call.

If a phone is registered to server A and a call has come from the GW into server B from the PSTN and the phone user presses the park button then server A will ask server B to park the call and server B needs to have a number range allocated to it to do so.

What this means in practice is that all servers in the CCM cluster running the ccm service need to have call park number ranges configured.

Partitions and CSS are other way for controlling access.


Re: Call Park settings - Cisco CallManager?

Thanks for the reply. This was definitely helpful.

So it seems I can take one of two paths:

1. Create a large range on each Subscriber server that is "globally accessible" (every Partition can dial it) that users in every office will share.

2. Create several small ranges on each Subscriber server - one range accessible from each Partition. This will designate one range per office.

If I take approach #2 it sounds like I would only need a range for Office A on Subscribers to which devices (phones and gateways, etc.) in Office A will register. Although I could use Device Pools to limit this - restrict Office A devices to server 3 and server 4, for example, it sounds like a tracking nightmare, whereas simply giving a range on every server for each office that uses Park is simpler.

Does that sound right?

Thanks - Rob.

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