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Call quality issues - WAN through gateway

We have an interesting issue. We have two remote (home) offices, each with a PIX 501 connected to our ASA 5510. Each remote office has one 7961 phone. When a remote office makes a call to any phone in the home office (ie dials an extension) the calls are of pristine quality with only a very occasional clip here and there. However, when a remote office dials out to the PSTN through the (2801) gateway, users report choppy phone calls. Specifically, my remote office users' transmissions are broken up as heard by users out on the PSTN. Generally, my remote office users can hear the PSTN users' transmissions just fine.

Further, if I initiate a call from my home office (where the gateway is located) to a PSTN user and then conference in a remote office user, the call quality is pristine for all parties in conference.

I have checked for bandwidth issues, and both remote office should have more than adequate upstream and downstream bandwidth.

There may be something blatantly obvious that I am missing, but I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks much!


Re: Call quality issues - WAN through gateway

whats the difference in call path between home office to the gateway and remote office to the gateway?

seems to me that there isnt any issue from remote to head office, hence the reason for the good quality when HO initiates the conference.

Now what happens when a PSTN caller calls the remote office? whats the call path there?

what id do is check the stats on the phone when calling the PSTN user, collect the debug voice ccapi inout when that call is in progress as well.

also call from remote site to ho then xfer to pstn user and see if quality deteriorates.

As you can see i cant give a definite solution but maybe we can pinpoint where exactly the problem may lay.

hope this helps a little at least

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Re: Call quality issues - WAN through gateway

I'd also check what you are doing with bandwidth. Are the 4 digit calls g.729 and the ones that traverse a gateway are clearly g.711...if you are using any compression; who is doing the transcoding.

Also, if you remove any compression are you still having call quality issues?

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