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Call restriction: set amount af time

Hello everybody,

I had the following question: is there any way to set the time limit for a certain destination and a certain phone/phones? For examle: to set limit of totally 1 hour per month for international calls for managers, etc...It doesn't matter whether it is with FAC and CMC or without.

Will accept any advice...thanks in advance

PS: probably there is a 3rd-party products compatitble with my CCM4.2 that can provide this function...


Re: Call restriction: set amount af time

I see you have the FAC with your call manager as a possibility but you also have Time of day (TOD) routing.

Check it out.

Re: Call restriction: set amount af time

Thank you mattcalderon, but i need not a period of time what TOD offers, I need a "credit". For example I allowed only 2 hours per month on international numbers(not from from 15pm till 17pm or other time but 2 hours overall - if you made an international call for 2 hours - ccm would block this opportunity to you till the next month), anyway thanks

Re: Call restriction: set amount af time

ohh I see. I am not aware of anything, but rob or Paulo may have some ideas.

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Re: Call restriction: set amount af time

I don;t think the CM can do that. You would need to send the call via a router that in turn does AAA to a radius server that keeps the credit per user in a database. You would then become a mini-telco operating calling cards. That is very complicated, too much for a standard installation.

Re: Call restriction: set amount af time

Thanks Paulo for the quick response. I guess that implementation would not be an easy one or necessarily cheap.

Re: Call restriction: set amount af time

Really thank for a quick response.That was just I wanted. And nice description of alternative.Fair 5 points)).

PS: Probably you know where to get more info of the scheme you've described.(I mean exact link)

Anyway, thank you again

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