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Call Ringing In On Same Line (Hold to Answer & Drops First Call)

Have a situation that is occuring sporadically. Have a 2811 w/AdvIP and 7931 phones. Sometimes when Line 1 is in use the user will hear a beeping on the line and it shows a new call utilizing the same phone line the user is already on. None of the other phones ring, unless the active call is placed on hold. At that point all the phones will ring and if answered the active call is dropped for the new call.

Incoming calls are ordered from port 0/0/0 up while Outbound are routed from 0/2/2 down to 0/0/0.

I was on the Active call once when this happened and the user called me. He heard beeping and on Line 1 was seeing an incoming call. Had him place me on hold and the lines all began to ring. I was disconnected as soon as he answered.

This call was placed on hold at one phone and picked up at another prior to this happening (but not transferred). I am trying to duplicate this, but wanted to see if we had something obviously wrong or which area I was needing to focus on.

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Re: Call Ringing In On Same Line (Hold to Answer & Drops First C

Appears that this is being caused by having the lines as dual-line. Didn't even think of this as causing the trouble. Wanted to list it in case someone has trouble with this later...

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