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call routing b/w Branch and HQ

hi all,

i have one HQ in England and its branch in U.S ... in both locations i have 5digits of extension ... both are connected to each other via MPLS and on Branch there is an E1 link for SRST ... users from HQ should able to make call to Branch via 5digit extension but if Branch user's want to call HQ they must dial 5digit extension but that 5digit ext should replace in International Number & call should go to HQ via E1 PSTN Cloud.

(means call from HQ --> Branch via 5digit extension, or from Branch --> HQ via PSTN)

how we can do that ???


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Re: call routing b/w Branch and HQ

sorry guys,

one thing i forget to tell that in HQ i have CCM 5.1 integrated with GW via MGCP and Branch router is also integrated with HQ via MGCP ....


Re: call routing b/w Branch and HQ

I am not entirely sure what you mean,

if you want to use 5 digit extensions to go via the WAN then make sure the phones in you HQ have a CSS that contains the partition with the 5 digit line extensions.

If you want thes calls to go via PSTN, then you will need a translation pattern and a route pattern that points towards your E1 gateway

for example, say from HQ-->branch:

@branch 6xxxx is the extension range

if you wanted to have these number called via PSTN,

create a translation pattern, for the UK, for instance:

0001144yyyyy6XXXX .

after that, created a route patter for

0001144yyyyy6XXXX pointing to your MGCP gateway in the HQ. You will probably find that you will already have a route pattern for international dial, in which case, you do not need the specific 0001144yyyyy6XXXX route pattern.

alternatively you might wat to consider the concept of AAR so you have the best of both worlds

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Re: call routing b/w Branch and HQ

hi mink, thanks for reply,

simply what i mean, HQ users can able to make Branch via 5Digit extension through WAN Link.. ok !!

and If Branch users has to call HQ then call should go via PSTN !!!!

is it ok now ???


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Re: call routing b/w Branch and HQ

hi mink,

can you tell me why we need to create Translation-pattern for outgoing call .. bcoz generally we use to configure Route-Pattern for outgoing and translation-pattern for incoming calls ... can you please explain me why we will configure translation-pattern first then route-pattern ....


Re: call routing b/w Branch and HQ

you state that you want calls from your branch to the HQ to go across PSTN, although people at the branch would dial 5 digits.

say a user at HQ has extension 10000, your caller at the branch would call this number, so in order to have it go across PSTN, you will need to translate it into a pattern that is 'PSTN routable'. Once the translation has taken place, route pattern lookup will occurr again.

The best thing to do to check the dial plan logic in CUCM is the dialed numver analyser (serviceability pages).

here you can see how a number is translated and what pattern is being hit.

If you are not sure, please provide me with an example of a full PSTN number and a 5 digit number, and I will break the patterns down for you.


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