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Call routing issue

Hello everyone,

I'm having trouble finding out why the voice traffic is not being forwarded

by the routers in place.

The configuration is somewhat like this:

there are 2 sites, and at each site there is a Cisco switch. Connected to

the switch is a Cisco router and a Mitel 3300 server. And the routers are connected via serial link (T1)...

My problem initially was that the Mitels couldn't see eachother, but with

the help of Rick in the switching forum, I got that resolved.

Right now the Mitels can be pinged from either site, but the voice traffic

isn't being forwarded - meaning that each site can't initiate a call to the

other site.

Would it be possible for anyone to assist me on this issue?

If any additional information is needed (i.e configs, etc), I will gladly

provide it.




Re: Call routing issue


Since you have IP connectivity between the Mitel servers, it is likely a config issue with the Mitels. Do they use H323? If so, are they configured with call routing rules pointing to the far side server as a gateway for the appropriate number? Or is there a gatekeeper defined? If so, where is the gatekeeper?

Once you get the calls working you will want to be sure you have QOS configured on your routers and switches, but that is a voice quality concern, and will not stop the calls from being placed.


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Re: Call routing issue

Hello Dave,

I appreciate your reply - and I appologize for not replying soon enough. I'm waiting for the technicians to send me the configs of the Mitel servers.

I will verify the configs and get back to you as soon as possible.



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Re: Call routing issue

Ok - I finally found out the issue has been resolved. The Mitels have been configured by their local telco, and they had a tech go over from the telco and verify the Mitel configs. Turns out that the configuration needed a little 'adjustment'...

They're working fine now... and all along I thought I'm missing something.

Dave, thanks again.


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