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Call routing LRG, TEHO and backup

Hi Team

I have a cluster CUCM 8.6 in a centralized call control with remote wan site topology, in each site hace a voice gateway SRST for WAN backup. and in my country using carrier code for long distance national and international calls. for a call PSTN call to the one site to another using carrier code, area code and subscriber number.

I am using LRG for access to the PSTN, and standard router patern for TEHO. in normal operation don't have problem with the call routing, but in SRST mode i cant call from the main site to local calls in the remote site CFW unregister for example. How to can fix this?


9 for access code

199 for carrier code

Main site A, gateway A. area code 11 and seven digit for subscriber

Remote site B, gateway B area code 22 and six digit for subscriber

RG_A: gateway A

RG_B: gateway B




Local calls

9.XXXXXXX -> PT_PSTN_Local_A -> RL_A

9.XXXXXX -> PT_PSTN_Local_B -> RL_B

Long Distance National (LDN) Calls

  • 9.199 [Area Code] XXXXXX -> PT_PSTN_LDN -> LRG


  • 9 199 11 .XXXXXXX /DDI pre dot -> PT_PSTN_LDN_B ->  RL_A
  • 9.199 22 .XXXXXX /DDI pre dot -> PT_PSTN_LDN_A ->  RL_B

Long Distance International (LDI) Calls

  • 9.199 0 ! -> PT_PSTN_LDI -> LRG

And to the other thing, the customer want when a E1 for PSTN access it's down, the call can be routed for other site, for example, in the remote site A the E1 it's down the calls automatic rerouting for the main site. As can i see when a call match with the routing pattern, i don't know how to the add the access and carrier code when the first gateway it's down.


fixie rider       

fixie rider
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Re:Call routing LRG, TEHO and backup

I will start with your last question.. You need to use voice translation rules on the remote gateway to achieve this..

Eg for locals calls that can't be routed because the digits sent are only recognised by the carrier on the original site, you need to prefix the appropriate digits to route the call as a long distance call.

So if site a dials 9.9631117 and the area code is 0208, when the call arrives on site b gateway, you will prefix the the call is sent to the pstn as 9.02089631117

This is why when using local route groups, you are better off having a dial plan that is global..

On your first question, I don't get what the issue is please clarify

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Re:Call routing LRG, TEHO and backup

Another option is to globalize all local calls and then use transofrmations at the gateway/voice translation rules to presnt the correct DNIS

This is an excerp from the great William Bell from this thread..

Hailey and I were discussing a similar design a month or so ago. I believe he is doing the deployment this Friday. Anyway, what I believe we did was to normalize the dialed digits to an E.164 number and then, if TEHO was required, create route patterns for specific NPAs to prefer a specific RG (w/ a secondary preference for LRG).

Taking a scenario. In Washington, D.C. you can dial 7-digits (95551212). This number hits the directory assistance for DC metro. Phones in DC have a CSS like: DC_User-Std_CSS.  This CSS has numerous partitions and patterns, one of those patterns catches 95551212 and expands it to +12025551212 (it could easily be 92025551212 or 91202551212) but let's say it expands to +12025551212.

This works for direct calls and for CFA to 95551212. The phone line DN will store 95551212 but we tell CUCM to use a specific CSS (which is DC_User-Std_CSS) when the forward manager initiaties digit analysis. So, net effect is it should be the same behavior.

The reason we normalize the dial string is because there are more than 1 local geographies which allow 7D dialing. As you found out, if you have a phone in DC forwarding to 95551212 and one in Chicago metro forwarding to 95551212 AND you are using LRG, your phone in NYC will send calls to the NYC gateway. That gateway has no clue how to route that call.

So, first problem is normalizing the number so you can make smart routing decisions in various call scenarios.

This thread also touched on TEHO concepts. Basically, the idea that when the DC phone is forwarding to a DC number, you want to use the DC gateway.  You can still do this. Once you globalize the number, you have all information needed to pick the right gateway(s).

For instance, we could have a route pattern +1202[2-9]XXXXXX point to a route list: DC_PSTN-Std_RL and that route list can have:

(1) DC_PSTN-Std_RG  (the voice gateways in Washington DC)

(2) Local Route Group (failover to your own local route group, whereever that may be)

Final step, use transformations at the gateways to present the DNIS the way the local CO wants to see it.

Going back to the OP, the real problem is that you aren't normalizing (or "globalizing") the 95551212 pattern to something that is universally recognizable to other areas of your dial plan. Oh, and if you didn't care about TEHO (i.e. sending calls to DC) then you could still use a generic RL with a LRG in the priority 1 position.



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"opportunity is a haughty goddess who waste no time with those who are unprepared"

Please rate all useful posts "The essence of christianity is not the enthronement but the obliteration of self --William Barclay"
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Call routing LRG, TEHO and backup

Thank for your answer i think the globalize its the best choice.and resolve all my problems.


fixie rider

fixie rider
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Call routing LRG, TEHO and backup

Glad I could help..You didnt rate the post or mark it as answered!

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"opportunity is a haughty goddess who waste no time with those who are unprepared"

Please rate all useful posts "The essence of christianity is not the enthronement but the obliteration of self --William Barclay"
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