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Call routing over ICT and H323 GW CUCM 6.1.4

Hello all

I have a call routing issue. At present we have a WAN link from our UK cluster to a seperate cluster in Australia and we are linked via ICT

We also have a H323 GW link to a third party IP PBX in India.

Calls from Aus to UK use short dial 6XX.2XXX for our extensions.

We use a 7XX pattern to route calls to India via the H323 GW.

I have created a route pattern 7XX.9XXX to reach the 9XXX range in India which works fine.

If I dial 6XX7XX9XXX from Aus the call drops

Calls from Aus to 6XX.2XXX uk is good

Calls from UK to 7XX.9XXX to India is good

Any ideas welcome?

Cisco Employee

Re: Call routing over ICT and H323 GW CUCM 6.1.4

Most likely CSS/partitions and call transformation are your issues.

Make sure the ICT can reach the 7XX.9XXX RP (inbound CSS) and also you're either setting the significant digits to 7 or dropping 6XX from calling side.

Alternatively you can create a whole 6XX7XX9XXXin the called side and drop whatever you need on that side without stripping anything over the ICT, this obviously depends on what you already have in the significant digits and where you're dropping digits right now.



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if this helps, please rate
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Re: Call routing over ICT and H323 GW CUCM 6.1.4


Thanks as always for the info but I found the issue.

I already added a new RP across the ICT and altered the existing ones although the same patterns routed via PSTN.....

Also created new RP on the local cluster.

Was not working initially but after resetting the trunk all seemed to come to life....don't ask....!!

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