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Call Signalling Servers for H.323

Hi All,

I am having a setup like this:

IP Phone------->CCM---------> H.323 Gateway.

I have two CCM Groups.

CCM Group-1:



CCM Group-2:



Say my phone is registered with SUB-1 and my H.323 gateway is having a device pool with CCM Group-2, and a call is placed from this Ip Phone through H.323 gateway.

Which Call Manager will send the signalling traffic to port no 1720 to the H.323 gateway?

Is it SUB-1 or SUB-2?



Cisco Employee

Re: Call Signalling Servers for H.323

can't understand why you open a case with us but also post at NetPro, most of the cases this only creates confusion.

Load-Balancing Outbound Calls

In the majority of cases, the standard method of assigning Unified CM Groups to devices is sufficient to handle the call distribution of outbound calls over IP trunks from call processing subscribers. IP trunk calls might appear to originate randomly from call processing subscribers, but the trade-off for this random call origination is reduced call processing and reduced Intra-Cluster Communication Signaling (ICCS) traffic within the cluster. Load balancing of outbound IP trunk calls across call processing servers, as described below, can be counter-productive because the advantages gained from predictable call origination within the cluster can be outweighed by the increase in ICCS traffic created by calls from phones registered to one subscriber extending their communication to another server within the cluster to originate the outgoing IP trunk call.

For the initiation of outbound calls over an H.323 trunk, the following key factors within a Unified CM cluster determine which server is selected:

•Which Unified CM servers have an active H.323 daemon for the selected trunk

•Whether the phone originating the call is registered to a Unified CM server with an active H.323 daemon for the selected trunk

continue reading here:

the active daemon should be hosted on SUB1 so all signaling will come out of that server until something happens. either way you should have dial-peers for both servers and network connectivity



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