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call transfer using local directory


I've a UC520 running on a 124-11.XW6 IOS. The phones used are 7941G, 7961G and I'm having some transferring problems when transferring calls using the directory.

Here are the steps:

Active call on 7941G, press the Trnsfer softkey, press the directories button, select local directory, find the person, press the Dial softkey, select Transfer from the menu, but nothing happens and the other call remains on hold.

I'm wondering whether this is a bug with the UC520 or the phones, or I'm not transferring using the correct procedure.

I know that there is an other way, the steps are:

Active call on 7941G phone, press directories, select local directory, find the person, press Dial softkey, press Trnsfer softkey, and the call is made where you can then hang up (blind transfer) or speak to the person first (full-consult) and the call is transferred successfully.

The problem with this way of transfer a call is that the customer is not on hold and can hear everything!!

I prefer the first option of transferring a call is there some solution for this problem?

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