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Call translation, is this possible.

Hey guys,

So, I don't think this can be done, but it was given to me to find out so here goes.

Three sites, let's call them as follows

"Site A" DID range is "1112223333-4000"

"Site B" DID range is "4445556666-5000"

"Site C" DID range is "7778889999-6000"

All these sites have PSTN connections and they can all call each other fine. They are all connected via DMVPN so currently I have site codes set up that are as follows and using these site codes and the last 4 digits the call will go over the IP network and save the company come money, however this relies on the people to dial the site codes.

"Site A" #01

"Site B" #02

"Site C" #03

What I'm wondering is this. Is it possible to configure the gateways or the CUCM to see the a number in a range being dialed and automatically translate it to the site code + the last four digits so the call automatically goes over the IP network. There is one stipulation, the fax lines need to be excluded.

Any help would be great, if I haven't asked this correctly or if it's confusing at all please let me know.



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Call translation, is this possible.

Sure, simply create translation pattern to match the DID ranges and strip/prefix digits accordingly, there is actually a topic on this in CUCM SRND.



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Call translation, is this possible.

I can't find the SRND dealing with this, do you have a link?

Also, are you sure you ca specify a range of DID's? Because one of the obvious issues is that if the dial pattern sees a number that is outside that range for instance 1112224001 it will try to send that over the IP network and fail. These are the little details that I'm thinking could through a monkey wrench into my plans.

Thanks for your help!


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Call translation, is this possible.

From SRND:

You can force calls to on-net destinations, but dialed as PSTN calls, to be routed on-net within the

cluster by adding translation patterns that match the E.164 DID ranges for each site and that

manipulate the digits so they match the destination's internal extension. For example, if a DN is

reachable on-net by dialing 1234, but someone within the system dials this same destination as 9 1

415 555 1234, you can force the call to be kept on-net by creating a translation pattern 9 1 415

555.1XXX, which removes all digits pre-dot and routes the call on-net to the resulting number.

However, remember to configure the AAR calling search space to exclude the partition containing

the "force on-net" translation patterns but to include a partition containing the regular route patterns

pointing to the PSTN, so that automated PSTN failover is possible when the IP WAN is out of


Your TP ranges will only need to only include your own DIDs, of if your DID ranges are no consecutive, you will need to build seperate TP for each range.



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