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Call waiting messege





i am looking a solution to configure the recording instant of call waiting ring. For example my ext 332 is already on a call, in the meantime i try 332 from another phone, the cal will goes to call waiting and calling party heard a ring. insist of of ring i want to hear a recording (please wait the person is on another call.)


waiting for kind reply.


Thats not supported natively

Thats not supported natively in CUCM. You *could* try a kludge workaround by sending the call to Unity connection, play the greeting using a callhandler and send it back to the user using a Supervised transfer. I havent tried it personally and this is not scalable and a kludge at best. Good luck!

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Disable the call waiting

Disable the call waiting feature on the phone.User will hear a busy tone while the called party is on another call unless voicemail is not enabled.( I did this way )

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Also, if you're using CUCM 9

Also, if you're using CUCM 9 or more recent, you may use the "new" hunting queuing feature. (it's a very bad manner of using it but well...)

1- Add your recorded custom message as a Music On Hold Source on CUCM.

2- for example for the directory number 2228, you can add a hunt pilot of 42228 that points to a hunt list than contains the line group that contains the DN "2228". After that, activate the Queuing feature in the hunt pilot and in the Network Music On Hold drop down menu select the recorded message that you uploaded.

3- In the directory number page of "2228", point the call forward busy to 42228. (this way anybody who calls you directly on your DN, there will be two possibilities :

   A- "2228" is free, so it rings "2228" directly

   B- "2228" is busy, so you will be in the queue until your turn comes up!



The bad thing is the fact that this method is done on a DN basis (one hunt pilot for each DN)

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