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callblast group and autoattendant cnfiguration

question with configuring  callblast groups and autoattendent on the UC540.  we have an existing autoattendant  and want to add a callblast group in front of the attendant during business hours  with atomatic switch  to the attendant  at  closing.   The current attendant is working fine.  we just want to add a cal lblast group in front during business hours .


So I  was thinking

of  using a translation pattern to  set the inbound number to  a ephone dn that  is configured for octoline and night mode.  during the day  it forwards  to the callblast group number and at night it would autoswitch to the pilot number for the autoattendant.   note that NO user involvement can be involved in making the switch    But I cannot get this to work any hints appreciated.  When calls come in it simply rings.



 translation pattern  goes to  ephone dn

ephone dn  is configured as octoline  and is set up for night  mode

ephone is configured with a call forward all to  the call blast group  number

ephone night mode is set  to forward to the autoattendant pilot number.


Thank You for any assistance.







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