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Called ID Translation Question

Hi Friends,

I have been working on a SIP gateway that is configured to connect to a legacy Nortel vis PRI. That part is good (enough for now anyway).

My problem is with e911. We plan to have telco provide all SIP and then have a secondary SIP ITSP to provide e911 services because telco doesn't for whatever reason.

I have been able to test inbound and outbound using either the Telco SIP or the ITSP lines, but am unable to affect the outbound caller ID for a test route I have configured.

The call flow is as such:

Cell Phone -> Telco SIP -> SIP Gateway -> ITSP SIP -> Desk Phone (External to System)

I am unable to do anything to affect the Called-ID on that appears - every time I get my Cell Phone caller ID. Tried various translation rules, redirect, target, etc.

The reason I want to do this is to test e911, which I can't do if my cell phone Caller ID appears...

Any Ideas??


Thank you!

Community Member

Hi, You can configure the



You can configure the name and number globally on the emergency SIP trunk.

As below:

Caller Information

Caller ID DN

Caller Name

Maintain Original Caller ID DN and Caller Name in Identity Headers


Or you can play with the “Calling Party Selection” option.





Community Member

Hi Sid,Thanks for the info.

Hi Sid,

Thanks for the info. It looks like this may be advice directed towards CUCM, I forgot to mention this was in IOS on CME.

I actually didnt think to send it to a DN first so I will give that a shot.



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