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Caller-ID CCME

Cisco IOS: 12.4(11)XW3

Hardware: 2811

I'm using cisco call manager express 4.2, i'm not able to get the caller ID from outbound calls to display on the local phones.

Were are using FXO cards (no pri). I ran the debug VPM signal command and the caller id of the number shows up correctly. (full debug attached)

from what I can tell the caller ID number is being received correctly just not showing up. I see that the caller-name is showing up blank maybe this is what the phones are trying to display? If thats correct is there any way to change it?

Any insight into the issue would be appreciated.

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Re: Caller-ID CCME


can you upgrade to 12.4(11)XW5 or 12.4(11)XJ4 and try again ?

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Re: Caller-ID CCME

I can try this but it will have to be Monday of next week. Was hoping that it was a CLI statement i may have missed somewhere under the voice-ports.

I'll go ahead and do this on monday and Post an update.

Re: Caller-ID CCME

Do you have the "caller-id enable" command under your voice ports?


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Re: Caller-ID CCME

all voice ports have caller-id enabled, i've pretty much gone through all the options provided with no success.

Re: Caller-ID CCME

Do you have an analog phone with caller ID you plug into one of the lines. This would tell you if caller ID is in fact being delivered properly.


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Re: Caller-ID CCME

I'll try this on monday as well, next time i will be at the clients site.

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Re: Caller-ID CCME

Hey Brandon,

I've just tried the analog phone option and it does display the caller-id correctly.

Still stuck on why this is not working. Going to upgrade the IOS tonight.

Cisco Employee

Re: Caller-ID CCME

Debugs indicate the caller ID has come in OK, then we see this a little further -

000238: Jan 3 20:55:00.820: htsp_ephone_start_caller_id_tx calling num=61984380

57 calling name = called num=2200 orig called num=2700

Since this has a callled and a original called number, I'm suspecting you may be forwarding the call from one phone (2700) to another. This might be overwriting the original calling number of 61984380.

The way to confirm this is to direct the call from the fxo port to a dedicated number, or ensure the first number does not forward the call to a second number.

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Re: Caller-ID CCME

Hey cameron thanks for the post.

I had already tried this. The voice port redirects to the unity auto-attendant hence 2700.

What i did was redirect the voice port directly to a test phone. So when i call the number it rings the phone directly. The caller-id still did not display with this config.

Cisco Employee

Re: Caller-ID CCME

Can you post the following

sh ver

sh run

sh ephone detail

Also get a debug ephone pak mac-address , then make a test call into the system.

This should tell us what is passed to the phone.

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Re: Caller-ID CCME

Hey pcameron,

I've posted the sh ver, sh run, sh ephone registered (no detail option) but will give you the registered ephones.

Again thanks for the posts I appreciate the help.

I'll be upgrading to xw5 tonight to see if that makes a difference, its not a huge ios leap but maybe it will work.

Cisco Employee

Re: Caller-ID CCME

The 'sh ephone registered detail' is important as it will tell us the actual phone load the handset is running - if for whatever reason the images specified in the configuration did not get loaded, the handsets may register OK, but not all features may be available.

If the command does not work, try 'sh ephone phone-load'

If you have upgraded the code, make sure you load the applicable handset firmware images to the flash memory and change the system config to point these files to the handsets.

Another thing I have spotted from the config is you have the following under your voice ports -

voice-port 0/0/0

connection plar 2700

description xxxxxxx

caller-id enable type 1 <-------

When you use type 1 caller ID, there should be a line reversal done by the telco to indicate an inwards call. To allow the router to pick up the caller ID correctly, you need the following command -

Router(config-voiceport)# caller-id alerting


(FXO ports, only when caller-ID alerting line-reversal is required) Configure this command on the FXO port when the incoming subscriber telephone line uses line polarity reversal to signal the start of caller-ID information transmission.

The Cisco FXO interface cannot detect line-reversal alerting in the on-hook state. For this reason, DSPs must be pre-allocated to serve the Type 1 caller ID information when it arrives. Preallocating the DSPs enables the DSP to continuously monitor for the arrival of caller-ID information

The other suggestion would be to remove the type 1 option and use 'normal' caller ID, which is carried between the first and second ring bursts.

New Member

Re: Caller-ID CCME

Thanks for all the posts everyone.

I got the 7940 phones caller-id working. This was resolved by upgrading the IOS to XW5.

I had the caller-id enable type 1 in there as a test as caller ID wasnt working before hand so I figured I'd test it on the ports.

I still have not yet resolved the 7910 issue I have the latest phone loads installed Updated the firmware last night (P00405000700) and reset all the phones which updated succefully.

The 7940 phones caller-id is working perfectly. Just seems to be isolated to the 7910 phones.

USCME#show ephone phone-load

DeviceName CurrentPhoneload PreviousPhoneload LastReset


SEP000BBE40457A 7.2(T0.23) TCP-timeout

SEP000B46986E38 5.0(7.0) TCP-timeout

SEP001192A01FAF 7.2(T0.23) TCP-timeout

SEP000B46BDEB78 7.2(T0.23) TCP-timeout

SEP0015C614AB3A 7.2(T0.23) TCP-timeout

SEP000B46986E8B 5.0(7.0) TCP-timeout

SEP000B465CE0D8 5.0(7.0) 5.0(7.0) Initialized

SEP000B46986EB3 5.0(7.0) 5.0(7.0) Initialized

SEP000B4650A584 5.0(7.0) TCP-timeout

SEP0012801F8B30 5.0(7.0) TCP-timeout

Cisco Employee

Re: Caller-ID CCME

Interesting ... famous last words, but this should be working :-)

Do the 7910's show a calling number/name for internal calls?

Can you get the log from debug ephone det mac-address and make the call to the 7910 phone. Post it here so I can find out what is sent to the handset.

New Member

Re: Caller-ID CCME

haha, yea I'm stumped i've worked on a few CME's UC500 and have never come across this.

Q. Do the 7910's show a calling number/name for internal calls?

A. Yep, Shows Caller Name for internal extensions.

Q: Log from debug ephone det mac-address & Test call.

A: Log has been attached.

I Replaced the real calling number with 619xxxxxxx.

To me it looks like the ephone is getting the number just not displaying it correctly. I see the calling number through-out the debug so I know its being received by the phone.

I've also tested a few of the 7910s and results are the same for each. No caller-id Display.

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