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caller id cucm 6.1

is there any way where in i can control my caller id when dialing a number out... please suggest..the scenario is i have got 2 bri lines with 2 different numbers and i want that when ever a user calls out the call should show the first number not the second one..

i know looks to me not possible becoz it is controlled by ISP only but is there any option by chance...

hunting is not possible on b/w these two numbers

please help

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Re: caller id cucm 6.1

no updates ... plz help

Cisco Employee

Re: caller id cucm 6.1

Use Voice translation rules, on the IOS gateway, to modify the calling party number before sending it out to PSTN.

Or in CUCM, change the Caller ID DN field to send out what you want.

If neither works then it's possible that the telco is replacing the calling number on their end. Verify by getting the output of debug isdn q931 after the changes are in place.


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Re: caller id cucm 6.1

hi felipe,

thanks for the answer but looks two me we both are talking two different things, what i am looking for is when a caller calls from my network to some pstn number outside is this possible to control his caller id means i have got 2 line with two diferent number and those can not be hunted

so what i want is when the user calls from the second line it should show the number from the first line as Calling person ID

thanks for the help


Cisco Employee

Re: caller id cucm 6.1

I think I do understand your problem and the instructions provided would modify the calling party number on any call.


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