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Caller ID Displays name but not number (inbound)

Curious if anyone has seen this as it's really the opposite of what most folks seem to have an issue with.

We recently had an upgrade performed to our VoIP router to address and issue where inbound calls only displayed the calling number and not the name. We upgraded to IOS version 12.4.11(xw) which allows the calling party name to display correctly on the phones.

This has caused a new issue. If someone misses a call and they press the Directories button on the phone and then select Missed Calls from the menu, the name of the person or company will display correctly but the number they called from does not display.

If a person then presses the Edit Dial button on the phone so they can call that person back the screen does not display the number.

I am wondering if there is a config parameter that needs to be added to the router or a change needs to be made on the call manager (4.1) side to correct the issue.

Any insight would be great,


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Re: Caller ID Displays name but not number (inbound)

There is not enough information to troubleshoot this. External calls outside of your organization are not properly displaying the calling number on the VoIP phones that use call mnager 4.x? Please post the config of your router that has the trunk connections to your voice service provider.

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