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Caller ID issue with MGCP Gateways

When call forwarding a voip phone out to a PSTN number. when we place a external number mask on the Route-list configuration, the XXXX portion of the number shows up as the last 4 didgits of my external caller. When I do the Q931 debug, it states protocol profile= networking extensions

BUT I have one gateway in Colorado, that works correctly and it does not give a protocol profile indication.

Anyone run into this issue?


Re: Caller ID issue with MGCP Gateways

This profile determines which protocol should be used to decode the rest of a Facility IE message.

A Facility IE can contain multiple components. Each component displays a hexadecimal code followed by the code contents in text. In the example that included encoded ISDN Facility IE message output, 0xA106020107020103 is the hexadecimal code and represents the Facility IE Component, Invoke Id, and Operation. The Operation portion of the IE corresponds to the supplementary service that the component represents.

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Re: Caller ID issue with MGCP Gateways

Thanks, I have also realized that the one gateway is IOS 12.3.(7)T4 and the others with the protocol-profile statements are 12.3(11)YZ2. Can the IOS make a difference?


Re: Caller ID issue with MGCP Gateways

yes, small issues can happen

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