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Caller-ID not showing to called party when passed through another PBX

Presently, I have a CUCM 10 linked to an Avaya CM 5.2.1 via H.323 trunks.  The Cisco phones (for now, until we put trunks directly into the CUCM) need to use the ISDN PRI trunks on the Avaya to make outside calls to the PSTN.  Example call flow:  Cisco 8945 IP phone > CUCM 10 > H.323 trunks to Avaya > Avaya ISDN PRI trunks to PSTN > PSTN routes to called party.  The caller-ID from the Cisco phones is fine to most called numbers, but I've found that (so far) calls to AT&T Wireless phones don't show any caller-ID from the Cisco phone that is calling.  The only thing that I can think of for why caller-ID is not showing up on the called AT&T Wilress phones is that there's something about how the calling party number is changed as it passes through the Avaya or how it's presented/tagged and then passed on to the PSTN before it gets to AT&T Wireless.  I don't understand why the calling party number is shown just fine for calls to all these other called parties on various carriers, but not to AT&T Wireless.  I do have one other report of someone not getting caller-id on their home phone when called from the Cisco phones, but I don't have any info yet on what that person is using for their local phone service.   For now, I know for sure that AT&T Wireless phones don't like the caller-id we're sending them via the Avaya PBX or it's formatted or tagged in a way they don't support.  Not sure how to explain this best, but I think you get the idea. 

Any ideas as to what might be happening?   In the future, we will of course have trunks directly into the CUCM and I don't think this would be a problem at that point.  But for now, it 'mostly' works fine using the Avaya as the link to the PSTN and it would be nice to get the caller-id working 100%, if possible.   If we can't, I guess it's not a big deal....but it's annoying ;-)


When you're saying caller-ID,

When you're saying caller-ID, do you mean calling name or calling number isn't showing up?  You need to take a look at the Layer 3 ISDN signaling the Avaya system is sending for these calls and compare it to a working example.  If they're the same, you need to work with the carriers to see what they don't like.

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Right, the calling number isn

Right, the calling number isn't showing the called party ends up seeing 'unknown'.   

I'll see if there's a way to have a deeper look at what the Avaya is sending out.  I can trace the call on the Avaya side using Avaya Site Administration, but that info is somewhat limited and it's not the best way to see all the details of the call like you'd see in a debug isdn q931 command shows on a Cisco router.  

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I was able to get the local

I was able to get the local phone company we use (our ISDN PRI provider) to do a call trace for me.   They traced a call I made from the CUCM and a call I made from the Avaya.  The only difference we saw was in the 'Screening Indicator'.  I guess that's in the ISDN message he looked at.  He forwarded the info to me and here's what the important difference looks like.  On the Cisco call, the screening indiator is "User Provided - Passed".   On the Avaya call, the screening indicator is "User Provide, no Screen".   So, I guess I'll try to dig in and see if I can figure out what I could tweak to make the screening indicator look the same for the Cisco calls as it does for the Avaya direct calls...

Presentation Indicator      Allowed
Screening Indicator          User Provided - Passed
Presentation Indicator     Allowed
Screening Indicator         User Provide, no Screen
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Problem solved!   Screenshot

Problem solved!   Screenshot attached.  

In my case, I needed to change it for the H.323 trunks because that’s the link between Cisco and Avaya.  There’s a way to change it for ISDN trunks also…but as long as the call gets to the Avaya the way it should, it will automatically be ok once it goes out on the ISDN trunks in the Avaya.   I made the change and I can now see my caller-id (calling party number) on my cell phone.  Before this change, I couldn't see the calling party number coming in on my cell phone.  

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i have similar situation. in

i have similar situation. in our case the PRI is directly connected to the gateway via mgcp. running call manager 10.5

most of the numbers we call display the caller id properly. some cellphones in the 415 area code  and ATT see unknown caller id.

i tried all the settings referred to the calling number screening, also i set the numbering plan and type to national isdn and still same problem

any ideas?

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I have a similar issue I am

I have a similar issue I am working on. Some cell phone display unknown when a call comes from our call manager.
The a-ha for me was it worked when I was at home (I commute from a small town).
I called up the carrier (AT&T) and requested that they disable Voice over LTE on my cell phone (my small town doesn't have VoLTE).  After VoLTE was disabled, I get Caller ID on call calls from our Call Manager.

This isn't a solution, but a workaround for now.

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