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Caller ID Oddity

I just installed several phones at four different locations.  Whenever a user gets a phone call, the Caller ID displayed on the screen does NOT show the first character of the caller's name.

Two examples:

  1. A call from John Doe is displayed as "ohn Doe" or "oe John" (without quotes of course)
  2. A call from a U.S. Cellular cell phone is displayed as ".S. Cellular" (again, no quotes)

All the phones are model 7945.

Any ideas, thoughts, etc are greated appreciated.


Re: Caller ID Oddity

Can you check to see what is being presented to your voice gateway?  Using debug isdn q931.  You want to make sure that the gateway is receiving the full name first, before looking at whether this is a problem on the IP phone.  If you see the gateway receiving the correct information.  Then you can look at either the CCM traces (with either Significant or Detail trace level enabled) or use a sniffer like WireShark to look at the call setup messages to the phone.  Again, to see if the full name is provided.

This will help determine where the problem is coming up:

1. from carrier to gateway

2. from gateway to CUCM

3. from CUCM to phone

4. phone firmware



HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: Caller ID Oddity

Just to add to Bill's advise commonly this is due to protocol issues:

First letter missing in incoming caller name display

1. Change the switch-type in the IOS gateway to Primary-dms100
2. Change the switch-type in gateway's configuration in the CallManager configuration to primary-dms100
3. Ensure that the option 'Send Extra Leading Character in Display IE' is checked in the gateway's configuration in CallManager.
4. Test inbound calls for correct caller name



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