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Caller ID on CFWD all

When one of our employees forwards their desk phone to their cell phone, the call that is forwarded shows up as 555-555-last 4 digits of the caller calling on the persons cell.

I know its sending the Phone number mask on the line because we have 555555XXXX on the line and thats how we use it for caller ID outbound.

How would you get it to send the real number of the person calling when its forwarded besides it sending the phone number mask along with it. We are running MGCP on this gateway and CM 6.



Re: Caller ID on CFWD all

Under your Line Settings in call manager, select "Redirected Number" I hope that should help you do that

New Member

Re: Caller ID on CFWD all

I have this problem working with CCM 4.1(3)also.

When an internal IP Phone call Forward to an external number(Mobile Number), it display the internal number as the calling party. In constrast, i have tested using an external phone1 call to external phone2, called forwarded to external phone3. It display calling party as external phone1 on external phone3.

Could this be due to some telcom limitation forbidding the internal CCM not to pass the redirecting number out from the ISDN connection? I am not sure this is a know issue but i guess many have encountered this.Hope someone could enlighten on this. Thanks.

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