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Caller ID through QSIG

Customer has NEC 2400 PBX and CM, they have QSIG tie lines between them. Since their majority of their phones are still in NEC side they haven't moved their DID's to PRI in CM, so all the incoming calls still come through NEC. When an inbound call for an IP phone extension comes from Outside/PSTN it hits NEC first then to QSIG tie line to CM.

Now here is the issue for an inbound call from PSTN to an IP phone extension it use to display only calling number (xxx-555-1212) on IP phone in CM 4.1.3 after the upgrade to 6.1.2 it displays "Forwarded for XXXXX" then the calling number (xxx-555-1212) on the bottom of the screen.

I try to change some service parameters nothing helped so left the default values back.

Any idea what got changed in CM 6.1 cause this?

Thanks for your help.


Re: Caller ID through QSIG

The caller-ID for PSTN calls is sent as facility message, after the internal caller-ID. The PSTN number sent as facility message on QSIG do not appear on the phone.

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Re: Caller ID through QSIG

Well it was working fine in 4.1. I have opened a Cisco TAC case they found a bug but it should be already fixed in version 6.1.2 which is what we are running. DE's are still looking in to it. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

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