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New Member

Caller ID

when i get incoming call from out side its always unknown number note that i enabled the caller id as the following

voice-port 0/0/0

caller-id enable

still not working what shall i do??

i got the CME on 2811 router IOS 12.4


Re: Caller ID

Hello if this FXO port, can you try connect any analog phone and see if the caller-id is displaying on it. Following is good tips from cisco


If you have caller-ID display problems on FXO ports, the following tips may be helpful:

•Disconnect the router from the phone line and attach a caller-ID equipped telephone to verify that the CO is sending caller-ID information:

-Listen and watch to see when the caller-ID information is displayed: before the first ring, after the first ring, or after the second ring?

-Make sure that the router configuration matches the timing of the display. If the phone is answered during the first ring, does this cause the phone not to display the caller-ID information? If so, the CO may be sending the caller-ID information after the first ring, requiring a change to a caller-ID alerting setting. Make sure the router is not configured to answer the call on the FXO before the Caller ID-information is received. If needed, increase the number of rings required before answering.

•Use the show call history command to check the information received by the caller ID receiver.

The following debug commands may be useful for analyzing problems:

•debug vpm signal

•debug vtsp dsp

•debug vtsp session

New Member

Re: Caller ID

i tried the debug vpm signal and this is what i get

Oct 7 12:36:20.231: [0/0/0] htsp_start_caller_id_rx:BELLCORE

Oct 7 12:36:20.231: htsp_start_caller_id_rx create dsp_stream_manager

Oct 7 12:36:20.231: [0/0/0] htsp_dsm_create_success returns 1


Oct 7 12:36:21.419: htsp_process_event: [0/0/0, FXOLS_RINGING, E_DSP_SIG_0100]

Oct 7 12:36:21.419: fxols_ringing_not

Oct 7 12:36:21.419: htsp_timer_stop

Oct 7 12:36:21.419: htsp_timer - 10000 msec


Oct 7 12:36:25.831: htsp_process_event: [0/0/0, FXOLS_RINGING, E_HTSP_EVENT_TIM


Oct 7 12:36:25.831: htsp_timer_stop3

Oct 7 12:36:26.127: htsp_process_event: [0/0/0, FXOLS_RINGING, E_DSP_SIG_0000]


Oct 7 12:36:27.439: htsp_process_event: [0/0/0, FXOLS_RINGING, E_DSP_SIG_0100]

Oct 7 12:36:27.439: fxols_ringing_not

Oct 7 12:36:27.439: htsp_timer_stop

Oct 7 12:36:27.439: htsp_timer_stop3

Oct 7 12:36:27.439: [0/0/0] htsp_stop_caller_id_rx. message length 0htsp_setup_


Oct 7 12:36:27.439: [0/0/0] get_fxo_caller_id:Caller ID receive failed. parseC

allerIDString:no data.

New Member

Re: Caller ID

you can see at the last raw its giving caller id receive failed string no data so is that saying that the Tele company didn't enable the caller id yet???

please help

Re: Caller ID

Caller-id can delivered differently by each carrier, I had a similiar issue and discovered that the telco was using polarity line reversal.

In this scernario, an FXO interface cannot detect line-reversal alerting in the on-hook state.

For this reason, DSPs must be pre-allocated to serve the Type 1 caller ID information when it arrives.

Preallocating the DSPs enables the DSP to continuously monitor for the arrival of caller-ID information.

Configure this command 'caller-id alerting

dsp-pre-alloc' on the FXO port when the incoming subscriber telephone line uses line polarity reversal to signal the start of caller-ID information transmission.



New Member

Re: Caller ID

thnx for the fast reply...

so all i need is to run this command on each FXO port right?

Re: Caller ID

Correct, an example is as follows:-

voice-port 0/3/0

cptone GB

timing sup-disconnect 85

connection plar opx 1000

impedance complex2

caller-id alerting dsp-pre-allocate



New Member

Re: Caller ID

i applies the below commands on all the voice ports i got but still the same

cptone SA

timing sup-disconnect 85

impedance complex2

caller-id alerting dsp-pre-allocate

Re: Caller ID

It is not necessary to configure the impedance complex, this automatically set when you specify the cptone.

Incidentally, have confirmed with the Telco that CLID is enabled?

The debug vpm signal should indicate whether the telco is using line-reversal for CLID, as it doesn't appear in the debug, it can mean either that CLID is not enabled or line-reversal is not used.

If CLID enabled and line-reversal, the you should see a similar debug as follows:-

Oct 13 14:23:35.263 BST: htsp_process_event: [0/3/0, FXOLS_ONHOOK, E_DSP_SIG_011


Oct 13 14:23:35.263 BST: fxols_line_reversal_clid_wait. Line reversal alerting

Oct 13 14:23:36.375 BST: [0/3/0] htsp_dsm_feature_notify_cb returns 2 id=DSM_FEATURE_SM_CALLERID_RX

Oct 13 14:23:36.375 BST: htsp_process_event: [0/3/0, FXOLS_ONHOOK, E_HTSP_CALLER


Oct 13 14:23:37.031 BST: htsp_process_event: [0/3/0, FXOLS_ONHOOK, E_DSP_SIG_000


Oct 13 14:23:37.035 BST: htsp_timer - 125 msec

Oct 13 14:23:37.163 BST: htsp_process_event: [0/3/0, FXOLS_WAIT_RING_MIN, E_HTSP


Oct 13 14:23:37.163 BST: htsp_timer - 10000 msec

Oct 13 14:23:38.119 BST: htsp_process_event: [0/3/0, FXOLS_RINGING, E_DSP_SIG_01


Oct 13 14:23:38.119 BST: fxols_ringing_not

Oct 13 14:23:38.119 BST: htsp_timer_stop

Oct 13 14:23:38.119 BST: htsp_timer_stop3

Oct 13 14:23:38.119 BST: [0/3/0] htsp_stop_caller_id_rx. message length 29htsp_s


Oct 13 14:23:38.119 BST: [0/3/0] get_fxo_caller_id:Caller ID received. Message t

ype=128 length=29 checksum=63

Oct 13 14:23:38.119 BST: [0/3/0] get_fxo_caller_id calling num= calling name= calling time=10/13 14:23

Oct 13 14:23:38.123 BST: htsp_process_event: [0/3/0, FXOLS_WAIT_SETUP_ACK, E_HTS


Oct 13 14:23:38.123 BST: fxols_wait_setup_ack:



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