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Caller line Inbound

I have a callmanager 5.1.3 hook up using SIP dur to ICM ver 7.1 and CVP 4.1. The issue I am having is sometimes the ANI is not coming in... I have a translation pattern to to set these calls to 4169999999/ Is there anyway to change that to a name like 'Blocked'.

I also am issue with outbound name not going out...

My understanding is in cm 5 and 6 that the ASCII name and the Ascii Alerting name controlls the name that displays internally and externally so that I can have 'fred' displayed internally and 'IBM Corp' displayed externally. Has anyone seen this behaviour.

Any help would be appreciated


Re: Caller line Inbound

Alerting Name - Enter a name that you want to display on the phone of the caller. If you do not configure an alerting name, "Name Not Available" may display on the caller phone. If you do not enter a name for the Display (Internal Caller ID) field, the information in the Alerting Name field displays in the Display (Internal Caller ID) field.

ASCII Alerting Name - This field provides the same information as the Alerting Name field, but you must limit input to ASCII characters. Devices that do not support Unicode (internationalized) characters display the content of the Alerting Name ASCII field.

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Re: Caller line Inbound

Thanks for the Reply, I understand all that and hav read teh docs...

There has also a huge debate about the ascii alerting name.

I was told by cisco that you can set these two fields independently and display different names inside and outside.

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