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callerd id number h323 vs mgcp

Customer had an h323 gateway pstn pri. They wanted it converted to mgcp. Once the conversion occurred the customer noticed that the outbound calling number is the main number and not the individual phone numbers. With h323 the calling number was the individual number. A debug ISDN q931 shows the correct calling and called party, however, there is an invalid information element contents received from the carrier during setup even though the call completes. I am guessing this is the issue, but what would be the  IE delivery difference between h323 and mgcp.


thx as always


If debug q931 shows the

If debug q931 shows the correct phone numbers then I would call the provider. Ask them what they see on their end and it it's not the phone number you are sending then have them check configuration. I wouldn't get to hung up on invalid information element. If you really want to know what it is search for the code and error message on Google.


Not the same error but have a

Not the same error but have a look here:

"work around is to go to the gateway config on CCM and change the called and calling IE number type and plan type settings from "Cisco CallManager" to "Unknown" "

Hope that helps!


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